Bhari WordPress theme for the bloggers

Created ‘Bhari‘ (भारी) WordPress theme for the bloggers, Who love to write articles, share awesome stuff etc. and which is hosted on

Bhari WordPress Theme for the bloggers.
Bhari The WordPress Theme for Bloggers

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How to Use FileZilla to upload file on FTP host?


How to upload file on SERVER using FileZilla?

Please refer following steps for do it.

Step 1: Download & Install FileZilla

Step 2: Connecting to a Server

Step 3: Uploading and Downloading Files



Step 1: Download & Install FileZilla

 Download the installer. You can download FileZilla for free from the official website. Only download the FileZilla install file from the developer’s website; copies with viruses have been found on other sites. Make sure that you download the correct installer for your operating system.

 Step 2: Connecting to a Server

 Enter Host, Username, Password, (Port is optional) and click on quickconnect.


After connecting to host upload your file on server.

Step 3: Uploading and Downloading Files

LEFT: This is local computer files.
RIGHT: This is HOST files & folders.


#Uploading files & Downloading:

   Method-1: Simply select files from LEFT and drop them on RIGHT to upload/download them on host.
   Method-2: Select files from left right click on them & choose upload/download like this.
7084b-3waystousefilezilla-wikihow7 (1).png

Introducing Astra fastest, fully customizable & beautiful WordPress theme

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that Astra fastest, fully customizable & beautiful WordPress theme.

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