Importing Theme Unit Test Data

Importing Theme Unit Test Data in WordPress with one click.

1) Quick Import:

I have created a simple plugin which imports the Theme Unit Test Data on your site within a few minutes. Check below video:

The plugin will approve on in this week. For now, you can download it from Github repo Sample Data.

Click on the download plugin to download.

2) Manual Download

  1. Clone the theme test data file themeunittestdata.wordpress.xml from the GitHub repository (last updated 18/Apr/2017) Or Download a copy from
  2. Import test data into your WordPress install by going to Tools => Import => WordPress
  3. Select the XML file from your computer
  4. Click on “Upload file and import”.
  5. Under “Import Attachments,” check the “Download and import file attachments” box and click submit.
    Note: you may have to repeat the Import step until you see “All Done” to obtain the full list of Posts and Media.
  6. Read Becoming a reviewer, and follow the easy steps.

Source Theme Unit Test

Author: Mahesh Waghmare

I'm a professional WordPress theme/plugin developer since 2012 from Pune, India.

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