Divi 4.0 Launching Giveaway A Free MacBook Pro

This October 2019 Divi launch the amazing release of Divi theme builder 4.0. And with this event, they have organized the Give away a Free MacBook Pro.

This October 2019 Divi launch the amazing release of Divi theme builder 4.0. And with this event, they have organized the Give away a Free MacBook Pro.

Elegant Themes | Giveaway Page | Pricing


Divi is the most popular theme in WordPress which is developed by Elegant Themes. It has the Ultimate WordPress Page Builder which comes with more interactive UI.

I like the UI (User Interface) of the Page Builder. It is more user-friendly and easy to use. It takes WordPress to a whole new level with its incredibly advanced visual builder.

Divi Theme Builder – Overview Video
  • Drag & Drop Building – Without coding: Add, delete and move elements.
  • Visual Editing – Realtime design and customize pages using intuitive visual controls.
  • Custom CSS – Developers can easily combine visual design controls with their own custom CSS.
  • Responsive Editing – Building beautiful responsive websites is easy.
  • Design Options – Enjoy dozens of unique page elements and thousands of design options.
  • Inline Text Editing – Just click and start typing! Editing your page has never been this easy.
  • Design Management – Save and manage unlimited custom designs.
  • Global Elements – Manage your entire website’s design using global elements and website wide design settings.
  • Undo, Redo & Revisions – Easily undo, redo and travel through your entire editing history.

Divi 4.0 Highlights

Divi 4.0 is the biggest Divi theme update in the year 2019. Below is the first preview of the Divi Theme Builder.

Divi Theme Builder – Image from elegantthemes.com

Let’s quickly see the introduction video:

Divi Feature Sneak Peek: Theme Builder – Video from elegantthemes.com

Below are some highlights of the Divi Page Builder.

Customize Dynamic Content

Currently, we are limited to with Divi Builder to updated only page content, but the upcoming Divi Theme Builder it will be changed.

But, with the Theme Builder, we are able to use the Divi Builder to customize every part of our website.

Customize Dynamic Content – Image from elegantthemes.com

Control on Headers & Footers

With the Theme Builder, we can able be to create completely custom headers and footers. All it has done with the amazing modules and customization options. The possibilities are endless!

Customize Anything – Image from elegantthemes.com

Control Page Templates

With Divi Theme Builder we can control and design blog pages, product pages. E.g. We design the single blog page and it applied to each blog posts.

So, We can manage any page template from site-wide.

Custom Page Template – Image from elegantthemes.com

Much More..

The Divi Theme Builder takes the power of the Divi Builder and unleashes it.

With the Theme Builder, you will be able to customize everything: Headers, Footers, post templates, product templates, category pages, shop pages, 404 pages and more.

Design each part of your website using conditional logic and do it all from a super slick new Theme Builder interface. We know every Divi user is going to love it!

Much More.. – Image from elegantthemes.com


With Divi Theme Builder, We can single page, post designs also any other parts including headers, footers and much more with conditional logic in which these apply only if condition matches.

I have joined the Divi 4.0 give away. You can directly join the giveaway or Join with my referral link..

To do this follow below steps:

Now WordPress have 55 thousands of plugins

WordPress now have 55 thousands of plugins in plugin repository.

We can browse the plugins by 4 categories:

Finally plugin Sample Data approved!

You can now download the Theme Unit Test for testing your theme or import the WooCommercebbPress plugin sample data with simple ONE click using WordPress plugin Sample Data.

Note: Use Sample Data plugin on your testing/staging environment.

Quick Start:

Follow below simple steps to import the dummy content:

  • Install & Activate plugin.
  • Click on Get Started » from plugin/theme. It read the file and get import content.
  • Click on Start Import and confirm to import the data.
  • For more details check below screenshots or youtube video.


Step 1: Install & Activate plugin

Step 2: Click on `Get Started`

Step 3: It get the content from file

Step 4: Click on `Start Import`

Step 5: Click `Ok` to confirm import

Step 6: Import Started!

Step 7: Import Completed!

Step 8: Imported Contents.

Plugin import the data form the XML file. For now plugin added in-build support for:

  • Theme Unit Test Data
  • WooCommerce
  • bbPress

Do you want another plugin support? Request for support »

Do you know coding? Let’s fork & extend it from Github.

You can download it from wp.orgVisit plugin page Sample Data.

Envato Elements – Template Kits (Beta)

Envato released the plugin Envato Elements – Template Kits (Beta) plugin to import the templates. It supports now for Elementor & Beaver Builder page builder.

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/envato-elements/

Bhari WordPress theme for the bloggers

Created ‘Bhari‘ (भारी) WordPress theme for the bloggers, Who love to write articles, share awesome stuff etc. and which is hosted on wp.org.

Bhari WordPress Theme for the bloggers.
Bhari The WordPress Theme for Bloggers

Useful links:

Contribute Bhari on GitHub.

Special Thanks:


Add your suggestions in comment in the article https://bharidoc.wordpress.com/2017/04/02/suggessions/


Add your feedback at https://bharidoc.wordpress.com/feedback/

Slack /remind command to create a reminder

# Information:

/remind is a slash command (a special type of message that is treated differently from a regular message) that tells Slackbot to create a reminder.

# Syntax

/remind <who> <to do what> <when>

# Examples

/remind me to take a walk in 10 mins
/remind @john to fill in the survey form in 10 mins
/remind #dev-team to fill in the survey form in 10 mins
/remind me to take a walk in 10 mins
/remind me to take a break in 2 hours
/remind me to take a walk at 1:30pm
/remind me to take a walk tomorrow at 10am
/remind me to take a walk at 1:30pm on 22nd September
/remind me to take a walk at 1:30pm on 22/09/2016
/remind me to get lunch at 1pm everyday
/remind me to get lunch at 1pm every weekday
/remind me to leave work at 5pm every Friday
/remind me to pay my credit card bill on the 5th of every month
/remind me to 'book tickets for the movie' tomorrow
/remind me to email the report at 10.20am at 10.10am
/remind me to book tickets for the movie tomorrow at 2pm
/remind me to 'email the report at 10.20am' at 10.10am
/remind me to 'book tickets for the movie tomorrow' at 2pm
/remind list

@source https://chatbotnewsdaily.com/how-to-set-reminders-in-slackbot-1e979d24b9b#.szupxs19b

WordPress 4.7 Introduces Twenty Seventeen Default Theme and WP REST API Content Endpoints — WordPress Tavern


photo credit: Wikimedia CommonsWordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” was released today, named in honor of American jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. This release makes significant improvements to the new theme setup experience, inspiring the tagline: “Your site, your way.” Twenty Seventeen is making its debut in 4.7 as the first default theme designed for business websites. It…

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