What is “MG Post Contributors”?

This plugin help admin user to select multiple authors or contributors of the post, By simply selecting those authors or contributors from post editor window. This plugin supports existing post and for new posts.

You can set how contributors shown after post contents by: “Setting->MG Post Contributor” and select options how do you want to show contributors on blog.

Development for this plugin can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/maheshwaghmare/mg-post-contributors

See Demo

Click following link to see how it shown at article page. http://demo.mgwebthemes.com/how-to-use-mg-post-contributor/

How to Use

  1. New Post : Create new post by “POST->NEW POST”. Enter post Title, Description and click “PUBLISH”. To see result click “View Post”.
  2. Existing Post : Click “POST->ALL POST”, Select post which you want to add contributors. Select Contributors / Authors of this post and “UPDATE”. To see result click “View Post”.

Admin Panel

Admin panel provides to change visual interface of contributor. You can set here who contributes shown after post contents. Go to “Setting->MG Post Contributor” and update setting as you want.

Try Demo

Login to http://demo.mgwebthemes.com/wp-admin/ to use live “MG Post Contributors”.

User Name : demo
Password : demo